Terms and Conditions

Business Terms and Conditions


Palacky 500

769 01 Holešov

Czech Republic

ID: 27675068 Tax ID: CZ27675068

1. Registration and entry to www.ttprod.cz

1.1. Entry to the internet presentation www.ttprod.cz is allowed to the customer without registration.
1.2. To order a product or to find a specific price, registration is required.

2. Prices, merchandise warranty and order billing

2.1. Prices for goods in www.ttprod.cz are binding until the time of their change.
2.2. TOPTRADE PRODUCTION spol. s r.o. reserves the right to change prices even without prior written or other notice. 2.3. The warranty on the goods is 2 years.
2.4. Sent order is binding

3. Payment method

3.1. Payment for goods ordered through the system www.ttprod.cz is realized by means of cash on delivery.
3.2. Company TOPTRADE PRODUCTION spol. s r.o. reserves the right to allow selected customers to collect "on invoice".

3.3. The choice of payment method is entirely within the competence of TOPTRADE PRODUCTION spol. s r.o. and customers have no claim to determine it.

4. Mode of transport

4.1. The goods are delivered to the customer by a forwarding company. At the delivery address, in this case, it is necessary to ensure receipt of the goods from 8:00 to 17:00 on the day of delivery. The goods can be transported by distribution of TOPTRADE PRODUCTION spol. with r.o., but personal collection is possible
4.2. TOPTRADE PRODUCTION spol. s r.o. without notice, may change the delivery method.
4.3. In the case of an order over CZK 2,500, excluding VAT, the cost of transporting the goods is covered by TOPTRADE PRODUCTION spol. with r.o.

5. Discounts

5.1. By registering to the system, the customer is entitled to a discount on current prices. You will be informed about the amount of discounts by a sales representative.

6. Cancellations

6.1. If the customer cancels / disposes of the shipment that has already been dispatched, he / she is obliged to pay for the real transport costs.

Complaint Rules of TOPTRADE PRODUCTION spol. s r.o

1. Warranty Periods
1.1. Company TOPTRADE PRODUCTION spol. s r.o. provides a warranty of 2 years from the date of sale for the delivered goods.
2. Warranty
2.1. Warranty provided by TOPTRADE PRODUCTION spol. s r.o. over the warranty period covers all material and manufacturing defects that occur in the delivered goods and services within the warranty period.
2.2. The warranty does not cover any operational deficiencies that the goods or services delivered are generated by their use in a way other than the general rules governing the way the goods are used.
2.3. The warranty does not apply to wear or damage to foreign objects. 2.4. The warranty also excludes goods that have been used for any other purpose or other means than intended.
2.5. The warranty will not be provided to the customer in the absence of a valid document required to provide warranty
3. Claims
3.1. Should TOPTRADE PRODUCTION spol. S ro recommend that the goods or services show defects or defects, s r.o. claim the claim immediately, either by contacting your sales representative or by phone at +420 573394098

When and how will my order be delivered to me?

Goods will be delivered as agreed with the customer, standard within 48 hours

What is the procedure for handling an order?

After the order is sent, the customer will receive a description of the order. He is then notified by e-mail when and at what date the goods will be delivered. If this confirmation email fails to deliver, the customer is contacted by phone.